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Wild Game Dinner Speakers

We support Wild Game Dinners and other outdoor events (USA only at this time). Itís been our experience that once you conduct an event you may never see your participants again. SD is a way to continue their growth after an event. We know this works because we receive emails from participants later telling us about their growth and that they found out about us originally at your event. We then have the opportunity to reconnect these folks back to your church... where they originally attended your event.
What we Provide
SD Cards are mailed to you free. Simply email us and tell us how many you need. We order SD cards 10,000 at a time, so ask for plenty to give out.
Hats and cups can be ordered from our Store page.
Because of the large number of requests, please order five weeks in advance of your event. To order materials send an email to:

Cliff S
Donny N
Jim C
Jack M
Mike T
Glen Dry
Wes Walton
Joey Hancock

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