Mike Tison

Mike Tison is an ordained pastor and he has a master's degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University.
He is currently an ordained chaplain for the Detroit Thunder, a pro-indoor football team. He is the founder of H2O Adventure Ministries and has received a master's degree in theological studies from Liberty University. He is an avid hunter and sportsman and writes for the Sportsmen's Devotional and the Sixth Day Sportsmen Magazine.

He is available to speak at any event: Men's breakfast, chili-cook-offs, sports chaplain, retreats, conferences, seminars, and youth events. Mike combines humor and storytelling to touch the hearts of his audience with a down-to-earth delivery. Mike is also available to fill the pulpit in whatever capacity you need and can develop an original sermon designed to touch the hearts of your congregation. Mike's mission is to motivate, encourage and strengthen others to live for Jesus Christ.

The 4 Arrow Buck
The buck of my dreams shows up and everything falls apart... A comical hunting story with a serious message, illustrating how even under the perfect of conditions everything can fall apart if you don't have the proper spiritual focus.

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