Cliff Saylor

Cliff Saylor, a second generation Arizonan, was born and raised on a farm near Phoenix, Arizona.  Cliff’s early childhood memories were centered around family, farming, and outdoors fun.  The family was close as they worked, played, and worshipped together.  Weekdays they worked on the family farm.  Sundays always found them at their church where the family participated in a variety of worship, youth, choir, social, and leadership activities. 

Cliff’s early hunting memories were mostly of dove hunts on the family farm.  As he grew older quail and deer hunts were added as annual events.  Cliff killed his first deer with his Dad in 1964 and he was hooked on deer hunting for life!  Cliff still looks forward to deer season in Arizona every fall, now with his son.  In 1976 Cliff killed a Desert Bighorn Sheep.  This hunt served to prime the pump of Cliff’s lifetime passion for hunting big game.  Including the Bighorn Sheep, Cliff has successfully taken at least one of each of the original Arizona Big Ten big game species (Mule Deer; Coues Whitetail Deer; Buffalo; Elk; Desert Bighorn Sheep; Antelope; Mountain Lion; Merriam’s Turkey; Javelina; Black Bear).  Hunting has been an important part of life for Cliff over the years as he pursued these trophies.   

Public speaking became second nature to Cliff early on by participating in church youth group presentations.  In High School Cliff found himself a member of the Future Farmers of America, now known as the FFA.  Cliff served as the Peoria High School Chapter FFA President, the Arizona State FFA President, and as National FFA Vice President where his public speaking skills were honed daily.  As a volunteer instructor, Cliff utilized his public speaking skills for over thirty years teaching Hunter Education Classes for the Arizona Game & Fish Department.  At one time, Cliff and his team of instructors taught for seven years non-stop.  When one five week class was finished another immediately began.  The team was an incredibly dedicated group of men and women that worked together to help young people and their friends and family members become skilled and safe hunters.  Cliff now has his own company where he and a team of instructors teach a variety of shooting and outdoors skills.  Cliff’s specialty is introducing new shooters to the sport and turning them into monsters of the shooting range! 

Cliff, who came to faith in Christ as a youth through the influence of his parents and Sunday School teachers, is not a minister or a preacher, but is an avid reader and learns from reading through the Bible every two to three years, and from the writings of many recognized leaders in the church.  Among Cliff’s favorite teachers are Chuck Swindoll (Insight for Living), Chip Ingram (Living on the Edge Ministries), Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries), Ravi Zacharias RZIM Ministries), Tom Shrader (Priority Living), and John Eldredge (Ransomed Heart Ministries).  Cliff tries to glean something from every book and every lesson from these teachers in order to understand the Christian life better and better.  Cliff combines his thoughts from these teachings with his outdoors experiences to teach life lessons and principles in an understandable way.  Cliff’s primary goal is to introduce people to saving faith in God by sharing with them what Jesus did for him.  As a writer for Sportsmen’s Devotional and as  a speaker, Cliff wants men and women to understand that he is a “sinner saved by grace” and that they, too, can be members of God’s family by accepting God’s gift of salvation through what Jesus did for him and them on the cross.

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